Vintage Memories

My family was a great one for taking photos, and my mother, God rest her, would have been a great research librarian. Mom kept up a series of photo albums, in which she organized batches of photos, carefully dated and captioned. Today, with Dad's memory fading away because of dementia, those old albums are our gateway to his past.

Here are some stories to go along with some of Dad's Vintage Memories:

Mom & Dad, 1946

Love Endures, Despite Dementia and Loss

Although my Mom died 8 years ago, my father, who had dementia, misses and grieves her daily. His memory of her persists despite his confusion.
Dad and baby Pam, 1956

Lessons My Father Taught Me

Dad's lessons to me were very practical and memorable. Many of them still stick with me today. Happy Father's Day!
Mom, 1948

Mom's 87th Birthday

Mom would have been 87, and Dad still misses her, even after she's been dead 9 years. But with an old photo album, he can reconnect with her, despite his dementia.
Dad, 1930

Dad's Very Important 5th Birthday

On a hot August day in 1930, a country boy had his 5th birthday in a big city far from the Dustbowl. His whole destiny changed from that moment.
More stories coming soon!

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